What Is Physical Therapy for Athletes?

According to The Good Body, on average, 100-200 people are seen at an average physical therapy (PT) clinic every week. Most athletes start their PT journey after an injury or surgery. Physical therapy is an effective way to increase athletic performance, especially after a long period of downtime. Plus, it’s not just professional athletes who can benefit from physical therapy. Casual sports enthusiasts and amateur athletes can also gain a lot from PT. If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of physical therapy for athletes, continue reading.

Main Components of Physical Therapy for Athletes

The main components of physical therapy for athletes include injury recovery, performance improvement, and strength building. These components are designed to help athletes at any level improve. There aren’t any age or status limitations when it comes to PT; it can help everyone improve. This is true for the high school level athlete, the weekend runner, the professional ball player, and everyone in between.

What to Expect if You’re an Athlete About to Start Physical Therapy

It’s normal to feel a little bit anxious before starting PT. Depending on the severity of your injury, it could be a painful experience. However stressful it may be to get started with your physical therapy, the end results will make any discomfort more than worthwhile. In addition to the time you spend at the PT clinic, you will also be given a series of exercises to complete at home. This is an important part of the treatment, and all exercises should be completed as advised.

How to Determine if Physical Therapy Could Benefit Your Athletic Career

Any athlete who is injured or requires surgery will likely be prescribed to attend physical therapy. This doesn’t mean that you have to have an injury to benefit from PT. If you feel like your performance has hit a plateau, or you don’t feel as flexible as you need to be, you could likely benefit from PT. It’s an appropriate course of action for anyone looking to boost their performance.

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