Fascial Counterstrain

Fascial Counterstrain

Fascial Counterstrain Therapy: Elevating Patient Care at Athletic Advantage

Understanding Fascial Counterstrain

At Athletic Advantage, under the expert guidance of Fauzia Asad, we specialize in Fascial Counterstrain, a cutting-edge therapy that targets the fascial systems within the body to alleviate pain and improve functional mobility. This method is grounded in the understanding of the body’s connective tissues, offering a non-invasive solution to effectively treat a variety of conditions, including complex cases of lymphedema. Having trained at the Jones Institute while the founder of the technique himself was teaching, Dr. Lawrence Jones, Fauzia is extensively trained and certified in the fascial counterstrain technique.

Fauzia Asad’s Approach to Lymphedema

With a strong foundation in lymphedema therapy, Fauzia Asad leverages her certification in Fascial Counterstrain to address the unique challenges presented by lymphedema. This therapy is instrumental in reducing the painful swelling associated with these conditions, enhancing lymphatic drainage, and promoting a more active and comfortable lifestyle for our patients. Through detailed assessment and tailored treatment plans, we achieve significant improvements in symptoms and overall well-being. Combining Fauzia’s empathetic approach to therapy with her extensive knowledge of fascial counterstrain means that under her care, the positive benefits of the technique can be obtained in a way unlike any other.

Benefits for All Patients

Beyond its profound impact on lymphedema, Fascial Counterstrain proves beneficial across a spectrum of musculoskeletal and neurological conditions. Patients experiencing chronic pain, acute injuries, post-surgical recovery issues, and even athletes seeking performance enhancement find relief and recovery through this therapy. Its holistic approach to treatment supports not just the physical aspects of healing, but also addresses the body’s interconnected systems, fostering optimal health and recovery.

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Still Have questions?

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