How Does Myofascial Release Treatment Work?

So what exactly is fascia and why is it so important?

Fascia is a three dimensional web of fluid filled connective tissue that surrounds every muscle, bone, organ, nerve, and blood vessel in our body, down to the cellular level. Think of it as the jell-o in a jell-o salad; it holds everything in place. Fascia also works like a spider web, a supportive structure that can also snag and pull when one part gets injured, it can affect the entire web. When we get injured, we think mostly of the bone or muscle group that may be affected, but the connective tissue is ignored. When we suffer a trauma, like an injury, the fascia can become inflamed, hardened, and painful. Since fascia is fluid filled and surrounds our entire body, when these areas are affected by trauma, fascia can solidify and shorten causing poor posture and pain in areas far from where the injury occured. The fascial system can exert approximately 2000 pounds per square inch of compressive force on pain sensitive soft tissue structures.

Myofascial Release

Myofascial Release is an effective hands-on approach to treat the myofascial system to release these soft tissue adhesions, to eliminate pain, restore motion, improve circulation, and increase tissue elasticity. Myofascial Release is a safe hands-on technique that involves applying gentle sustained pressure into the Myofascial connective tissue restrictions. We work with one-on-one, personalized sessions to treat the cause of the problem to eliminate the symptoms, in order to make permanent structural changes to help you return to a pain free, active lifestyle. We also recommend a variety of  self treatment plans so that patients can continue on with their treatments at home. Using simple tools such as a small ball, foam roller/cylinder and wooden roller, and a variety of stretches and strengthening exercises tailored to each patient, we help you to continue what we started in therapy. 

Treatment areas:

Myofascial release can be used to treat a wide variety of conditions including back pain, headaches, whiplash, pelvic pain, neck pain, sports injuries, chronic pain, disc problems, migraines, pelvic floor dysfunction, neurological dysfunction, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, adhesions, carpal tunnel, jaw pain (TMJ), painful scars, scoliosis, infants/children, sciatica, myofascial pain syndrome, and women’s health issues. If you suffer from any of the problems above, myofascial dysfunction may be responsible and Athletic Advantage has 30+ years of experience healing it. 

Does it work?

Only Myofascial Release treats the entire Myofascial mind/body complex eliminating the pressure of the restricted Myofascial system that causes the symptoms. Myofascial Release will safely and gently release the entire Myofascial complex for lasting and comprehensive results and authentic healing. Check out our testimonials from patients about how our unique approach worked for them.

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