What Exercises Can Physical Therapists Provide?

physical therapists

Physical therapists play a critical role in health care. According to Medical News Today, physical therapists are licensed and trained “movement experts” qualified by the American Physical Therapy Association. Physical therapists are often seen for follow-up care after an illness or an injury to help the patient recover. You may participate in some exercises during your physical therapy visit.

Exercise to Improve Range of Motion

A physical therapist uses exercise to improve the range of motion for different body parts. Shoulders, knees, back, feet, hips, and other targeted areas with a limited range of motion are treated with specific exercise modalities to help increase motion.

In some cases, the decrease in range of motion is due to arthritic conditions. In other cases, a traumatic injury limits the range of motion. In all cases, PT exercises have improved the range of motion for many people.

Exercise to Reduce Inflammation and Pain

A PT may use exercises to help reduce painful inflammation in joints and muscles. These exercises are usually focused on flexibility. The old saying applies; you lose it if you don’t use it. Gentle stretching exercises can help reduce pain symptoms while keeping the muscles active.

Your PT will likely use several different exercises and treatments to find the right one for your pain. Usually, it is a combination of exercise and treatments that works.

Exercise to Improve Strength

PT is often prescribed to help patients regain strength, especially after battling long-term illnesses. Strength training exercises are typically increased slowly to help the patient build strength and stamina.

Your doctor may have prescribed a specific target body part for the strength training. For example, your knee may be the target.

Exercise to Improve Balance

PT exercise can help to improve balance. Balance can be affected by a wide range of injuries, illnesses, and other health issues. Balance exercises focus on helping to steady the patient. The PT also provides tips for maintaining balance and moving about safely.

Physical therapists work with other health care providers to help people recover and improve. Learn more about the exercises that PT professionals use to heal and improve the quality of life of their patients. Call today.

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