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Blog post graphic featuring Pain Relief Managment Topical Roll-on Solution from Clean Remedies, now in partnership with Athletic Advantage Physical Therapy in Lewis Center that reads,"Experience Natural Wellness: Clean Remedies CBD Now at Athletic Advantage! Partnering for a healthier you – naturally and effectively."

Enhancing Wellness with the Power of Nature: Athletic Advantage Physical Therapy Partners with Ohio-Based Clean Remedies

Embrace the power of nature with Athletic Advantage Physical Therapy’s new partnership with Clean Remedies, a leading Ohio-based CBD company. Delve into how our organic CBD products can contribute to your wellness journey and understand our shared devotion to holistic health solutions. This blog post provides insights into the benefits of CBD and the strength of our commitment to your well-being.

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Mindful Approach to Stress Reduction

We often relieve stress with physical activity like exercise or setting aside some time for a bath, but it could be more beneficial to look a littledeeper into the impact stress has on our energy. Stress can leave you feeling unfocused and unbalanced. Prolonged stress can really drain our energy, affecting us mentally and physically. …

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Two women in a seated position on yoga mats, with their hands together at the heart

What Is Yoga?

Yoga is a spiritual and ascetic discipline and is widely practiced for health and relaxation. Yoga translates to union in Sanskrit. It utilizes breath control, simple meditation and relaxation, and the adoption of specific bodily postures. Yoga is a gentle way to improve your posture, balance, and coordination. Yoga is aimed at developing harmony in …

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A person holding both of their feet, with pain radiating from the bottom of the feet

Foot Mechanics and Structural Symmetry

Foot biomechanics add an interesting dimension to structural symmetry and leg length. People experience leg length changes not because it is a “normal” condition as many are led to believe. Leg length changes may be caused by hip dysplasia or fractures of the femur when the growth plate is open. But most commonly, leg length …

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Person in exercise clothes holding their knee in pain

Will My Knee Arthritis Get Worse Over Time?

Knee osteoarthritis (or knee OA) can be an intimidating topic. You may have heard that knee OA is a “slow progressive” condition, which may leave you with little hope that things could ever get better without receiving a knee replacement surgery. Although this traditional view of knee OA is widespread, the course of this condition …

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When Can I Return to Sports After a Hamstring Strain?

Hamstring strains are an extremely prevalent injury across many sports and commonly result in athletes taking time away from training to recover. Athletes participating in sports involving high-speed sprinting and kicking (such as soccer, football, track, and dance) are especially vulnerable to injury because of the substantial demands these activities place on the hamstring muscles. …

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Physical therapist in Lewis Center conducting a dry needling treatment as part of the patients physical therapy plan

What is Dry Needling?

Integrative Dry Needling is not Acupuncture!  Dry Needling is based on Neuro-Anatomy and Modern scientific study of the musculoskeletal and neuromuscular systems.  It is a highly effective treatment with the goal to bring tender, sensitive tissues, and irritated nerves back to a healthy, homeostatic state.  Acupuncture is based on Ancient Chinese Medicine and focuses on …

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Does My Achilles Tendinopathy Just Need Some Rest?

If you are an athlete with Achilles tendinopathy, you understand first-hand how frustrating and distressing this condition can be to manage. You may be wondering about the best and quickest way to return to your recreational or sporting activities without your ankle pain limiting your performance. On one hand, you might be concerned that you …

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