Customer Testimonials

Success stories from some of our clients

Physical Therapy Testimonial Golf

Mark, I am writing a note to you to say thank you for all the assistance you have provided to me. I feel like I have gained a tremendous amount of flexibility throughout my hips and torso. In my profession it is critical to be mobile but stable and I know that is much more the case now than previously. Beyond the improvement related to my profession I just feel much better and think I can delay/avoid what I believe was an inevitable left knee replacement. Additionally I have seen my clients that you have treated improve dramatically. From bad backs to wrist injuries their quality of life as well as golf games have gotten better. Thanks again for your caring professional treatment. It has been my pleasure to be involved with you both professionally and personally.

Tom Brock, PGA Professional, tombrockgolf.com

After looking into my condition, my doctor said that I needed a good physical therapist. I immediately thought of Mark. We began therapy and he prescribed an exercise program. After about 6 weeks, I was walking around for most of the day with no sacro-lumbar support. I continued to work out at the clinic for a number of months, and was grateful for the expert advice about how to build my exercise routine as my body was ready for it. After twenty-eight years in a back brace, I have been free of support for seven years. Instead of being in a wheelchair at age 60, I am a teacher in a third grade classroom. Thank you!

Carol C. Wood

As a middle aged woman running her first marathon, I was disappointed to incur running injuries twice during the course of my training. Fortunately, under Mark's care, I was able to return to training much faster than predicted by my doctor. Because of his expertise, I was able to continue training and meet my marathon goals. In fact, I would not have been able to compete in the race had I not been under his care. I would highly recommend the Athletic Advantage team to athletes of all ages and sports. Thanks Mark, I'm still running so I'm sure I'll see you again sometime!

Kathy Skubak
Physical Therapy Testimonial Tennis

I have some important information that may help you. I had a severe back injury and understand how painful and depressing it can be. This testimonial is to warn you about all the misinformation there is about back injuries and that some of that misinformation comes from doctors and other medical professionals, as well as from seemingly reputable websites. I went through this gauntlet of incorrect advice and it cost me countless days, weeks and months of pain as my back injury kept reoccurring. I don’t want to see this happen to anyone else. I understand that people who have one back injury are likely to have more if they don’t receive the proper care and information.

I went through x-rays, doctors, chiropractors, emergency room visits, pain pills (which don’t help much and certainly don’t cure the problem), and all sorts of research. I was eventually told that I would probably have flare ups of back pain off and on for the rest of my life. Fortunately, I finally found the right doctor who said I can be cured and he sent me to the top physical therapist in our area that has an extensive amount of training, education and expertise in this area.

My physical therapist’s name is Mark Read. Mark explained to me that most of the time, many doctors and medical professionals will only treat the symptoms of the injury without correcting the cause. In my case, for example, I had a bad musculoskeletal imbalance and asymmetry in my skeletal frame that was causing a cycle of injury and re-injury.

Mark has helped me a great deal and I am already more flexible than I have been in 20 years. He not only treats me, but educates me along the way as to why he is doing what he is doing and how it will help. He also designed a specific program of stretching and exercise for me to keep this injury from occurring again. Each person has different musculoskeletal issues and the standard exercise regimens many doctors and therapists prescribe don’t apply to everyone. Mark also helped me with the mental difficulties of handling such a painful injury by giving me suggestions to cope with my pain and answered my questions throughout the process.

I am telling you about Mark Read because I think he can help you as well. I pass on the word about Mark to everyone I talk to who may benefit from his treatment and advice.

Christopher West
Physical Therapy Testimonial Swimming

I don’t know where my life would be without Mark Read and Athletic Advantage. I first hurt my back 30 years ago. The doctors always suggested rest and muscle relaxers for my pain. I had finally gotten to the point where I was completely limited in my activity and was in a lot of pain.

I saw a neurologist and he suggested that I try physical therapy. He didn’t suggest any physical therapist but Mark Read. Mark’s office is across town from my home and I thought a closer physical therapist would be easier. My doctor assured me that if any therapist could help me it would be Mark. He had seen Mark help many patients with more success than any other physical therapist he knew. My doctor was confident Mark would be able to help me.

I took his suggestion and was sold on my first visit to Athletic Advantage. Mark did a thorough examination and made a “game plan” for my therapy. He worked with me, retrained my muscles through exercises and never gave up on me. I now walk two miles each day and exercise on a regular basis. He has such dedication to his patients. Under his care I have fully recovered and I would recommend Mark without hesitation for anyone not feeling 100% in their physical activity.

Jan Strominger, Teacher, Columbus City Schools

I have been very pleased with Athletic Advantage. Before seeing Mark Read, I had pain while walking and climbing stairs which interfered with my quality of life. I can do both now with relative ease. Mark is an excellent practitioner and has restored my confidence in PT. He is professional, very skilled and listens to me and my body. With the recent addition of Michael Reuter, this practice is even more impressive. Mark and Michael are an exceptional team and I highly recommend them.

Karen Russell

Hi! My name is Barbara and I'm a Mark Read addict. That's a good thing - a really good thing. I first worked with Mark when I was in my 40's and he performed his miracles, then I took a long break (thinking, like most of us, that I'd be good for the rest of my life). Well, I've discovered that it's a privilege to have gotten to my 70's and now I find that aches and pains come with that privilege. Back to my guru, Mark, and his amazing ability to analyze the skeletal connections and work each area of the body to solve not only the initial problems, but hit trigger points that bring release to issues I didn't even know I had! He's the best!!!

Barbara Rayden