Michael Reuter PT, DPT

Michael Reuter Physical Therapy

About Michael Reuter

Born and raised in a suburb down in Cincinnati, I attended the University of Cincinnati to obtain my bachelor’s degree. For Physical Therapy school I ventured out to Salt Lake City, Utah and earned my Doctorate in Physical Therapy from the University of Utah. In between studies I enjoyed time to explore the vast mountain ranges there. My wife and I are now back in Columbus, where her family has resided in Westerville since 2003 and we currently live in Columbus.

Family and Fishing

My first interest is my family with my beautiful wife, Brittney and our soon to be beautiful daughter being born fall 2016. In addition, I love being outdoors, hence why I spent time in Utah. While there I picked up Fly-Fishing which I am excited to get out in some of the rivers here in Ohio. I also love all Cincinnati sports, despite the year-to-year distress. Please do not ask me about last year’s playoff loss…

Treatment for the Whole Body

Physical therapy was a field I have never looked back on. Ever since senior year of high school I started on my 7.5-year journey to obtain my doctorate degree and never regretted it once. Through Physical Therapy school I spent time working with young athletes with orthopedic issues, Vietnam Veterans with neurologic deficits and everything in between and have enjoyed it all. What fascinates me is how the body is so linked. How an intervention I can provide not only has a local influence, but can generate a universal influence on the whole body. How when we isolate the true origin of symptoms and not just treating the symptoms it actually allows treatment to guide itself.

Life is a Journey

One motto I try to live by is that, life is not a race, but a journey. Do not become so focused on the finish line that you fail to find joy in the journey. As a physical therapist I am here to get you back to doing whatever your hobbies are, not just for the short-term, but for the rest of your life.