Mark Read, LPT

Mark Read Physical Therapy

The Athletic Advantage Difference

Welcome to our practice, a close, comfortable clinical setting where people engage one to one with the therapist and where no “hand offs” are practiced. My staff has expanded with the addition of Michael Reuter, PT, DPT, a graduate from the University of Utah. In the front office Charlene Walnoha has joined Cindy to assist in running the administrative juggernaut. In 1990 I founded Athletic Advantage Inc., a private practice in orthopaedic, manual therapy and myofascial release services. I graduated from Heidelberg University in 1983 and The Ohio State University in 1986.

Posture and Physical Therapy

I remain intrigued by the role posture has in daily life, sports and the rehabilitation of injuries. So many of my colleagues overlook or pay less attention to posture and the underlying conditions that impact one’s posture. With that clinical focus I have been fortunate to create a niche practice in evaluating posture and the anatomical and myofascial conditions that produce postural changes. The muscular tightness, weakness and pain that we experience from an injury, oftentimes are related to the changes in posture that we evaluate and treat.

As posture became more and more of an influence in my rehabilitation I sought out other methods I could change the postural condition. This lead to the discovery and study of Muscle Energy Techniques, commonly called MET, under the guidance of Thomas Ockler, PT. Tom is in private practice from Willoughby, Ohio, so he understood my private practice mentality. The MET treatment philosophy is focused on treating and changing the muscular relationship to posture. This was a powerful tool as it afforded me the opportunity to dramatically change the underlying posture of an athlete and improve their flexibility following an injury.

Myofascial Release and MET

However, just treating the structural asymmetries was not nearly enough to achieve the results I expected, so I searched further. What I discovered was a treatment philosophy that dovetailed with the MET techniques and significantly improved my client’s flexibility and posture. My studies with John F. Barnes, PT at the Myofascial Release Treatment Centers located in Paoli, Pennsylvania and Sedona, Arizona have been instrumental in creating an environment where posture, flexibility and exercise performance can improve. Integrating myofascial release treatment with MET has revealed the missing condition that has entrapped the skeletal posture in the muscular system.

New Treatments

In May 2011, I completed a weeklong study alongside John Barnes, PT refining my skills and learning new and innovative ways of treating the myofascial system. I learned more about the strong impact the myofascial tissue has on a person’s musculoskeletal posture.

Michael has just started his journey down the path of MET and Myofascial release to broaden his knowledge and skills in providing more comprehensive treatment than can be accomplished with exercise alone. He is the beginning of a second generation therapist who will evaluate posture and work with you to change those underlying factors that plague so many of our clientele.

Healing At Any Age

We are dedicated physical therapists who believe in promoting independent exercise that contributes to a positive outcome for every client. Our clients will learn proper body mechanics, how to enhance their strength through exercise, feel improved flexibility and have a greater awareness of correct posture. Join with us, as a team, who will guide you through the challenges in rehabilitation, and together we will grow in our admiration of the human body and its ability to improve and heal at any age.