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Physical therapy that ensures a solid balanced foundation.

Physical Therapy Balance Posture

Join with us on a journey, a path that will recapture the vitality lost when a traumatic injury occurs. This is a journey like no other you may have traveled. Medical professionals will provide a label to your pain or condition and describe what damage has occurred. The true recovery, however, will depend on many other factors such as muscle tissue and skeletal structure that may be unrelated to the injury.

First lets introduce the fascial system and the influence this tissue has on posture, movement, strength, flexibility and painful symptoms. The first leg of our treatment triad is education. Understanding how the body and musculoskeletal system functions.

Rehabilitation is the second leg of our triad. We will work together as a team releasing fascial restrictions, changing posture and alignment that contribute to pain and tightness. Alignment when unbalanced robs us of our flexibility, strength and movement.

Prevention is the third leg of our triad. It represents the action taken to minimize the risk of future injuries by positive methods that influence our lifestyle and activities. Our prevention of injury is not only based on the exercises we do, but how we respond to fascial restrictions limiting our mobility.

Balancing the skeletal posture with muscle energy techniques integrated with myofascial release is the ground work that ensures a solid and balanced foundation.

Meet Our Team

Our experienced staff will get you long lasting results.

Carl L.
"I've had Mark work on my back, shoulders and neck. The results were nothing short of spectacular! He has helped increase range of motion and a reduction of pain quickly! Not to mention the staff is extremely friendly and accommodating!"
Dianna W.
"Just wanted to send you a quick thank you for getting me back to work an entire month early. If it wasn't for your unique type of care, myofascial release, I would not be back so soon. An average physical therapist would not have been able to rehab me that quickly and/or effectively. Even Dr. Pugh, my surgeon, has been amazed at my progress and range of motion. As you are aware, my job depends on my physical ability to perform in order to work so I am especially grateful for all of your hard work and efforts to help me return to work. It has been worth the hour drive from my house to do physical therapy with you."
Todd M. Kays, PhD, Sports Psychologist
Author of "Sports Psychology for Dummies"
"I came to Athletic Advantage after seeing many other physical therapists. Mark Read was the only one to find out the cause of my lower back problems and he treated the problem, not just the symptoms. I have not had back pain in years. I always believed that I would just have to tolerate this pain for the rest of my life, but Mark showed me that I could be helped. When someone asks me for a physical therapist, Mark and Athletic Advantage will always be my first and only response."
Karen D.
"Mark Read has a unique approach to physical therapy that looks at your injury in relationship to your entire body. A few years ago, I broke both my hip and my shoulder. After several months, I was discharged by the physical therapists as having 'recovered'. I was not satisfied with that 'recovery', however, and was referred by an acquaintance to Athletic Advantage. At that time, I had limited mobility in my shoulder as well as a mild limp and chronic pain in my legs. Mark's initial evaluation looked at what the fractures had done to my entire body, neck, back, etc. With his therapy and persistence I truly recovered. Following subsequent surgery on my shoulder, Mark was able to diagnose the lingering pain as bicep tendonitis. Once again, Mark's approach has resulted in restored mobility and freedom from pain."
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